Domestically Challenged

“Okay, I’ve had way too much pasta!” exclaimed my son, after our third night of pasta! Never mind that he had pasta at aftercare and we still had left over pasta for the next day!!!!

A new friend suggested vegetables as an alternative to Pasta. “Do I cook it or do we eat it raw? Like a salad?”, I asked…

Yes, I’m clueless. Yes, I can Google a recipe, but really? I’d rather eat butter and bread than follow a recipe for a hour, just to burn some dishcloths while struggling to get the pot off the stove!

I don’t know how some of you domestic goddesses and gods do it!

Going into our fifth day, with my mom on holiday, we have no clue what we will have for supper tonight…maybe sandwiches or the dreaded leftover pasta!

At least I managed to pop in to the fish and chips shop yesterday. Our supper last night, was like something from heaven, chips, hake AND mince (courtesy of a generous friend)!

Give me a keyboard and I’m your woman. Give me a kitchen stove, and you’ll sure need the fire department’s number on speed dial!

Can’t wait for tomorrow, when my mom is back!

My son’s been nagging me to do the ironing. The boys (my dad and Kai) have not made their bed since Saturday. My wetsuit has been hanging on the line since Tuesday. I’ve been going in to work a hour earlier and leaving a hour later this entire week, AND my son never had his bath last night – on a SCHOOOL NIGHT!

It is obvious that I am NOT domesticated, and absolutely astonished at how tiring it is when the daily routine is impacted on for 3 school days!

I’m not even going to go into the parenting challenges! “Silly mom, don’t press my angry button mom…just leave me alone, I can’t wear these socks mom! My pants is too long…how can you only wash one sock mom…”