Dad, I Completed My Degree!

Dad, I remember it like yesterday, sitting next to your hospital bed, asking: “Is it okay if I study for a bit? I’m writing exams next week.”. Tired and in pain, you nodded and closed your eyes to rest for a little while.  You understood that while your life may have been ending, mine was only beginning.

You died 11 hours later. In the early hours of 28 May 2017, a day that changed my trajectory in a way that I never could have imagined.  Your death left me bereft with a lifetime of sadness, yet infinitely rich in your wisdom and humbled in your legacy as my father.

Dad, I write to you today, to thank you for always believing in me. And, taking the time to sit with me and give your input on passages from my psychology textbooks when I needed your view and understanding of the context.

I did it, dad! Through it all, I persevered, and I want to thank you for your continued guidance and presence in all that I am and all that I do.

Your death never severed our connection. If anything, it’s made it even stronger.

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