My Heritage

My heritage is in my hare
Kroes soos jou ma se poes
‘n kleurling woord gespreek met respek of met ‘n taai klap deur jou bek

My heritage is in my hare
Untamed, ‘n warrelwind
Sterk gevriet, met rolle wat vlam vat soos warme kole

My heritage?
Determination as I recall failure as history’s only expectation of our coloured people and resilience as I continue to rise amidst the racial slurs, prejudice and continued disadvantage of the Apartheid legacy that follows me as I create my own path in life!

My heritage?
Is in my hare, that solid DNA van ek vattie kakkie, with grace and dignity
I am coloured.
Proudly so,
Pushing beyond the boundaries that the tick box of my racial classification may place me in.

My heritage?
Is in my hare – uniquely me, coloured and proudly so!

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