Making Our Parents Proud

A few weeks ago while on my way back from the Visa Centre I heard my dad say to my mom, “Die kinders van ons gaan darem plekke ne!” It took me a while to figure out what they were on about, but when I did, my heart burst with happiness.

My parents, proud of their two children. Not because my brother and I have accumulated financial or material wealth, but because, we are living our dreams, despite all the challenges that we both face. We are not allowing life hardship to own us!!

My brother, a labourer for a construction company, now has an opportunity to travel outside of Cape Town. He’s been able to explore the beautiful Knysna and Mossel Bay, and stay in a Guest House with his colleagues. I, on the other hand, have been afforded an amazing opportunity to travel to Austria to participate in an International Convention through the outreach work that I do.

We would not be the people we are today had it not been for our parent’s unwavering support and belief in our abilities. We may agree to disagree more often than not, but that is the beauty of our family, we recognise that we are all individuals, on our unique journeys in life, and our mistakes are our own to make and deal with. Some more dark than others, but ultimately we find the light, the joy and the drive to keep on keeping on!

So yes, while I’m waiting for my backpack to dry, I write this post with great pride and gratitude for my parents, and everyone who has supported them in raising their two strong willed children!


My mom and dad – they look so young, but their memory, ai, that is another blog completely!!