Worker’s Day Tribute To My Dad

He got dressed with great pride, every morning. His brown overalls, CCC, marked in yellow, on the back of his jacket. He left home at 6:30 and walked, with his head held high, to the local Clinic where he was employed as a Cleaner. A regular income for his family.

Ek onthou hoe ek elke dag die Clinic se kombuis deur oop gemaak het vir die  kinders van Mountain View en die Blokke. Saam het ons gesit en eet, ʼn bakkie sop en n stukkie brood. Ek onthou hoe ek met my voete op die bank gesit het terwyl my pa die vloere gemop het.

I watched him for years, cleaning the Clinic with great pride! Mopping up floors, cleaning disgustingly dirty toilets, maintaining the grounds, etc. He understood that each job, no matter how small, had an important role to play.

Kids use to make fun of me because my dad was a Cleaner. Never mind that their own parents were unemployed!

My dad taught me about pride and humility, he taught me to work hard and stand tall when facing adversity.

He enrolled to do a computer literacy course, and after 15 years as a Cleaner, he applied for an Admin Clerk position at the “Community Health Care Facility”, previously known as the Clinic.

I remember typing his motivation letter, he only had Gr.10.  The minimum requirements for the vacancy was Gr.12, but we believed that his experience, relationship with the community and understanding of the challenges faced by the system, meant that he WAS the best candidate for this position.

A few months later, he got the position. Admin Clerk! An achievement we all admire him for greatly.

Always remember, that no matter what your job, you have an important role to play!