Dad, It’s Been A While

Chev and her son Kai

I have countless conversations with you throughout the day. And I’ve started so many letters to you but they always take me down a rabbit hole . . .  But, here I am this evening, taking the time to write and clear some of these overwhelming conversations from my head.

The day you died changed our lives forever, it changed how I view time – moments in time. There have been far too many moments where I’ve needed your guidance. Moments where I needed you to step up for me, speak up for me, and be there. My go-to when I just need some infinite wisdom. But you’re not, so I continue to move and be decisive in my thoughts and actions. I live each day with the objective that any action or decision I make is one that I can live with, good or bad.

Since my last letter to you, fourteen months ago, I’ve done many things. All things that you are fully aware of since your presence is always felt in all that I am and all that I do. I know this seems like I’m all over the place and rambling, but it’s one way to clear the cobwebs from my mind.

Some days my thoughts are like the ocean; deep and overwhelmingly loud. On days like these, the world seems like too much to bear, the sun too bright, the dogs too loud, everything coming at me at a thousand miles per second. 

I started studying toward my honors last year but had to place that on hold due to moving into our own home. Yes, you read that right. I AM A HOME OWNER!

Also, your grandson is making us all proud. He achieved GOLD at the World Skills South Africa competition in the spraypainting category and is preparing for the World Skills International Competition as the SA Representative for the spraypainting skill. He achieved this through hard work, absolute determination, and passion like I’ve never seen before. 

Life of course is not without its challenges. I believe that everything works out the way it is meant to work out, even if it is not in our plan, it is in His plan – but you’ve always known this. Your absence has drawn me even closer to my faith and for this, I am most grateful.

Thank you for nurturing the fearless character needed to stand firm in who I am. Thank you for showing me what it means to have faith when all hope seems lost. Your life continues to be a steadfast guide to me and many others.

Let me leave it here for now . . . 

Jou Meisie-Kind


Including you in this momentous celebration, an absolute must for our memory box.

Image of a yard with grass

I don’t think we’ve ever lived on a property with grass!