My WhatsApp Study Group Sucks!

I am at a complete and total loss since I became a student again. The absolute irony of studying communications, when the questions that I ask in the WhatsApp study group remain unanswered! Even though this study group is very active. Studnets communicate with each other and respond to each other’s questions; with the exception of my questions.

Maybe, just maybe, my question is not of the intelligent kind? Maybe my questions remain unanswered because I only joined the group on Saturday and asked a question that may have seemed so basic that those who read it assumed that I must be joking?

Here’s the first question I asked in the group.

No answer!

While this may seem quite basic to everyone else, to me it is a 90 minute hold up as I try and figure out how I am to prepare a written assignment for online submission. I read the tutorial letters, but still I struggle to grasp exactly how I am to structure the presentation of answering 4 questions. Especially when reference is made to the technical quality contributes 10 points to overall assignment mark.

This technical quality, also includes things such as an introduction. Now all I can think is what the heck! I have 4 questions to answer, where does the introduction to the freaking assignment fit in? Do I write an introduction to the module that I am studying. Do I write an introduction that touches on each question which focusses on different chapters in my text book. Is the introduction about me, etc. These are the questions that I have racing through my mind.

Now, the final question in my assignment counts for 45% and refers to steps and examples in a proposal on communications research for an actual company. Now, me being the person that I am, I NEED CONTEXT! Do I base my examples on real life events or is this all fictional even though the company actually exist – do I make up a communications problem and then present the solutions or do I base it on reality?

My question to the group, was just that. Do I present fact or fiction? A question that again may seem completely idiotic to group members, and clearly not response worthy.

So my weekend was a ball of great frustration as I basically surmised from the group discussions around the assignment that the answer to my second question is based on fact – the reality of the company. At least this is what I am going with.

What’s the point of having groups for each module when the group members are selective in their responses? How freaking ironic that these are all students studying COMMUNICATION. I suppose I am the odd one out, left to figure it all out on my own.

So my dear reader, there you have it, distance learning, without any support structure for clarity, is VERY FRUSTRATING!

Luckily for me, my son’s after school facilitator (also commonly referred to as a tutor), is a 3rd year UNISA student, and she’s submitted quite a few written assignments online, and tomorrow she will guide me in my assignment format.

What may seem obvious to others is not so obvious to me. Having an “instructional” document does not necessarily mean that it makes sense. At least once I get this first written assignment out of the way I will know how to format the next one.

Wish me luck!