The One Who Got Away

At first she planted the seeds of all the what ifs, the why not’s and the maybe’s. Then she lit a tiny flame, the tiniest glow from which, perhaps, some good would flow.

She invaded the neurons of your mind, and slowly, she crafted a space in time, where all stood still. Allowing a stimulated thought, a pureness that could not be bought.

Her slight movements against your callused hands, frightened while it enlightened. Her heartbeat crept into your sinister space, where the shadow kept you in the gallows.

She bloomed with hope, a peaceful resonance as we fell in love with her innocent presence. Her growth stirred in you, a flicker of life, a courageous desire as her rapid movements ignited your dark souls fire.

I held my breath as you slowly clawed your way through the shadows. Reluctantly you moved away from the pain in the gallows, as you withdrew from your keepers hold and your new life started to unfold.

I watched you shiver and twitch as you held your hand out within our reach. Your keepers threshold has been breached as she slowly drew you in with her mystical reach. She’s not been seen, but her powerful connection had you staring at your addicted reflection.

Her being urged you on as you stepped away from your affliction. Her eminent emergence from the womb whispered life into the son and brother who faded into the shadows of gloom.

Embraced by the life growing in a mother’s womb, that gave you the courage to say no more as you shrivelled up on the cold hard floor…

Her birth, ten toes, ten fingers, gave life to the man you once were. Your good flowed through her veins and reached you from deep within, far beyond the barriers of your drug inflicted mind.

She inspired you to get away and explore from within, as you slowly became the husband, father, son, brother and uncle, who today, we adore…even though you still have your addictive flaws…

You are, the one who got away…Away from narcotics. Moving onward and upward as we celebrate your four years of sobriety, and the new beginning that came with the birth of your beautiful daughter, Faith.

You are the one who got away…the one, I am proud to call My Brother!

“The One Who Got Away”, is this week’s title of a tandem blog, 3 bloggers 1 title. All published on the same day at the same time. Read my fellow tandem blogger’s interpretation by following the below links. Comments are appreciated!

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