A Close Shave With Nadine

Getting my son’s hair cut is, at times, a daunting task, hence I leave it until it’s an absolute must!

He can’t stand the sound of the clippers, and he is quite anxious when he feels the scissors cutting away at his hair! So you can imagine what a mission it is to find a good hair salon, and not everyone is able to cut his curly hair to absolute perfection.

However, last year I heard about this “amazing” hairdresser who cuts your hair in the comfort of your own home. We just had to try it! A few days later, Nadine, the hairdresser, arrived, after first getting a bit lost and fighting the blustery South Easter to get to our gate! It was quite funny!

My niece was immediately enchanted by Nadine and she thoroughly enjoyed having her hair cut. My son on the other hand was quite annoyed with his cousin who constantly pointed and talked to him while his hair was being cut.

Nadine, an absolute pro, wasn’t fazed one bit with Faith standing between her and my son while she snipped away at his hair.

Our first at home hairdressing experience went well. Afterwards my son commented, “and that didn’t even hurt!”.

More recently, with me getting inked behind my ear, I needed to call Nadine to assist me with some styling before my travels to Austria.

I also took this time to talk to her about her act of kindness on a local mom’s group that inspired over 300 people to pay it forward within 2 days!

“Something just told me that I needed to bless a mom, a dad, a son and a daughter with a free haircut. I don’t know why, but I just had this urge to bless someone” said Nadine.

The response from the group members was completely unexpected, especially considering that giving is nothing new to the Far South Moms. But this time it was different! Nadine’s act of generosity sparked a viral kindness in the Valley.

Sitting in my red chair, chatting to Nadine while she shaved away, reminded me that we should not underestimate our abilities, and the impact that one act of kindness can have on an individual, a family, a community; an entire society . . .

Humble and professional in her approach, completely unaware of the calming aura that surrounds her, she is our preferred hairdresser. Even though I can’t call on her at 4am when my son insists on a haircut because his hair feels uncomfortable and I am forced to get the scissors out and cut away clumps of hair at 6am . . .

Next time I see Nadine we’re going to experiment with some colour on my 1mm length of hair!!

Should you wish to learn more about Nadine’s hair salon services, in the Southern Suburbs of Cape Town, then feel free to drop her an email at nadinesstyle@gmail.com. You can also view ENCA’s interview with Nadine here.


Faith having a bit of fun while getting her haircut.


Gentle hands calms his anxiety 🙂


A close shave behind my ear!