Truth or Dare

“I dare you to try and throw the dart in my leg” he said as we played on the stoep.

I didn’t quite know this punk-ass kid, a distant family member; and quite frankly, I had my own demons…I thought nothing of the dare…

I stood there, looking at his “she won’t do it, she’s a girl” smile. I took two steps back, took the dart between my thumb and forefinger. I marked my target, his left thigh…His obnoxious male attitude reflected all the things I detested at the time.

Three seconds later I heard a piercing cry! “Mooommmmmy!!” The point, perfectly placed in the flesh of his thigh…his fist clenched in agony around the cold silver barrel…

His mom came out as he freed the dart from his leg. “He dared me” was all I mumbled as I walked back inside.

That was the last time I held a dart in my hand, the one and only time I accepted a dare…I was 13 years old.

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