School Report

I arrived home and found an unexpected report card in my son’s book bag. Thinking it’s probably a newsletter of some kind, I ignored it.

Only much later, after reading message book, work books, homework, etc. did I open the envelope. His first term report! My how quick time has gone!

He’s missed 10/40 school days this term and achieved good result. His phonics still needs lots of work, but overall he is doing really well. I am so chuffed with my little guy!

Still lots of hard work ahead of us and knowing his potential and willingness to put in the work required to understand, and achieve, makes our journey an adventure challenge of note, with many “WOW” moments!

Later he asked me to read his report to him and then afterwards he says; “okay mom now my turn” and he starts thinking out loud, and gives me this sweet mom’s report!

“Being a good mom: 18/19
Reading good: 19/19
Reading Afrikaans: 13/19
Making things look nice: 19/19
Being very kind: 20/19
Being extra kind: 21/19
Hand writing: 18/19
Helping with homework: 15/19”

Absolutely love how this gorgeous child of mine can come up with the most spontaneous special mom-son moments! He colours my world with wonder every day!