“Skreeu Innie Nagte”

My roots in Ocean View. A community where, as a child, I could explore the mountains and bushes, often coming across snakes and all sorts of creepy crawly creatures.

Ocean View, n gemeenskap waar ek laat nag nog buite kon speel en rond hardloop saam met die ander kinders in die blokke. Die aunties en uncles lekker tannenat, payday drinks, en n koppie suiker hier en n paar teabags daar!

I loved the beautiful surroundings and peaceful nature of the community. Everyone looked out for each other, people had respect en Motjie didn’t worry if you were 50c short for half a bread.

Then we moved to our house, a bit deeper into Ocean View, and things started changing. The community evolved, but not in a good way! This the mid and late ’90s.

Skielik het die plek gegroei, RDP huise was gebou en die geweld het begin sy knou kry. Dit was ook die tyd van PAGAD en mense moes maar sometyds die bullets en messe dodge!

Ek onthou hoe mense van die blokke somtyds beklui het in die lee plot oorkant ons huis. Die vrouens het so baklei dat hulle borste uitgehang het! Die klappe het gevlieg en bakstene was gebreek of mensevel!

Weekends het mense onder die bome gesit, gesuip en later begin skel en dan baklei. Paar jaar later toe begin die drugs, eerste die mandrax en toe die tik.

Tik! The hostage taker of this community. Corruption, devastation and violence, the new reality of a community where I no longer live. Yet, many people still have hope, they quietly pray, while one by one entire families get caught in the trap of addiction!

Deesdae voel die plek meer foreign as enige iets anders! The energy is different and the people have changed. Disintegration of society?

Yet there is such raw talent, such immense potential! If only the COMMUNITY could see it, believe it, AND fight for it! NPO’s cannot do it on their own. They need the community to be part of the solution and drive the change. Yes, I know it is easy for me to write this, an “outsider” looking in. I know how difficult it is when the dealer ensures your bread and butter everyday!

MAAR, daar is baie liggies wat wag om te skyn! I introduced you to one such light last week. Reconnecting with someone from my old neighborhood. He is one of these talented people, with a dream entrenched in hope for a better future.

He shares his life story and journey by putting pen to paper.  And then, at a friends house, they start the process of putting it all together. All this, in Ocean View!

Today, I share with you his song, Brandon Olivier, as raw as it gets! “Skreeu innie Nagte – Mejotic” . The story of a beautiful young lady who gets taken in by tik…

Like I said, raw talent, a rough recording, BUT flip, these words resonates with me, it reminds me of the community where I have my roots…a community with immense potential!