Feliz Navidad!

Our tiny flat is abuzz with excitement from my impatient 7 year old. He can’t wait for Santa to arrive! We’ve been tracking Santa since 9am and well, he still has many miles to travel before he reaches sunny South Africa! The magical joy of Christmas. I love it!

As a child, we never did the Christmas thing, NEVER! Yes, we had small end of year gifts (actually, more often, no gifts). And when we received gifts, my parents didn’t still bother with keeping it hidden until Christmas… There were no talk of Santa, his reindeers or his elves. There was no build up in our house to Christmas Eve, no “MAGIC”, no excitement…no childlike wonder…

And this is why I feel as giddy as my 7 year old. It’s so wonderful that we can experience this together – I do believe in Santa, I do, I do 😉

With that said I want to wish you a Magical Festive Season and a Happy New year!

In keeping with our excitement, we decided to elf ourselves this morning. We hope you enjoy a good laugh with us while watching our video! I especially like my moves!