Ho! Ho! Ho!

He fell asleep on the couch, next to his special tree while waiting and listening for the bells, the whoosh of the sleigh and the “Ho Ho Ho” from the man in the red suit!

Later that night, he crawled underneath the covers and slept next to me.

The next morning we quietly went to the lounge. The signs were there! Tiny sparkly silver tinsel led us from the windowsill to the Christmas tree. Some scattered on the couch where Kai had slept.

Santa must have sneaked past us, for we had not heard a thing! He drank some milk and ate two koeksisters, he moved the cards and left behind two nicely wrapped gifts in Kai’s box!

My son took it all in, his face transformed from surprise and intrigue to excitement and disbelief. He started opening his first gift, convinced that it is the tablet he so wished for!

Excitedly he opened the square gift wrapped in silver paper, saw the blue tablet cover and slowly flipped it open. His smile disappeared like the sun behind a grey cloud “hearing aid batteries?!” He exclaimed in disappointment with a confused look on his face.

“Wait, there’s another gift!” He shrieked as he lookIMG-20141225-00137ed inside the box. With a knowing confidence and his belief in Santa, he opened this gift convinced that it held beneath the black and white polka dot wrapping his wish for Christmas.

With a huge smile and sparkly eyes he looked at his tablet! “Wait I want to show my tablet to Pa and Ma first! I can’t belief Santa gave me a tablet!”

Later we read Santa’s very long letter:

“Ho ho ho Kai!

What a very long way we traveled to make your Christmas wish come true.
Your letter said that you were 50% nice and 50% naughty…

So your mom and I had an email chat, and my elves and I agreed that you definitely deserve for one of your wishes to come true!

We made you your blue cover in our workshop in the cold North Pole. BUT, your mom also said that you’ve worked very hard this year!

So your mom got you a special gift, the white tablet! And your Aunty Chantel is giving you 500Mb data for the next 2 years!

We all had to think about your wish for Christmas. The elves convinced us all that you are a responsible little boy Kai. They showed me a video of how well you look after your bike and told us that they believe in you and know that you will listen to your mom and take good care of this gift.

Oh, Mrs. Claus says NO Facebook or Twitter!

The tablet belongs to you, BUT, Mommy sets the rules; how much time you spend on the tablet, when and where you may use it, etc.

Now having have said all this; we wish you a jolly merry Christmas and we will be keeping an eye on you until next Christmas!

Love Santa, Mrs. Claus and all the Elves!

PS – Rudolph also packed some hearing aid batteries for you and apologizes for your card getting burnt!!! He flew too near the sun!

Ho ho ho! Love Santa Claus”

We were both in awe and could not believe our eyes when we saw that the top right corner of the greeting card AND envelope was burnt!

What a very special Christmas; we cannot believe that we slept through it all! Santa must be getting some tips from the Sandman!

We just love the magic! Thank you Santa for helping me make Kai’s wishes come true this Christmas.