Some of you may know that my mom was hospitilized three times since lockdown started. None related to COVID19. However, after her last admission in emergency over a week ago, she is now in self-isolation after her COVID test results came back positive over the weekend.

My mom is the most cautious person I know. Always masking up, rarely goes to the shop and only when quiet. She doesn’t go out and carries (and uses) sanitizer with her wherever she goes! Yet, here she is, COVID+ and self-isolating.

Her underlying medical conditions place her as a high risk patient, and thankfully her recovery is going well. She has a phenomenal support base in the form of the wonderful family where her cozy garden cottage is and an encouraging church community. All checking on her via chat and delivering meals, etc. This, I am most thankful for, knowing that she is in good care!

Of course with Kai and I being in close contact with my mom we’ve also had to self-isolate. Whilst Kai is 100% healthy, I myself felt a bit snotty since Saturday evening and decided to go for a test. The results came back this afternoon, negative.

This by no means mean that I am not a carrier of the virus. This afternoon I slept for 4-hours and I’ve been feeling beyond tired all day. Hanging the washing had my arms feeling weak. And this morning whilst doing some remote work my head felt groggy, like the way you feel when coming down with the flu. This may however be the complete exhaustion of the stress of 2020 catching up on me.

Whilst having the test done yesterday I explained to the doctor that my son is healthy, but in the event that he shows symptoms, there is no way that I will be able to get him to do the test. He said the most important thing is that we self-isolate, whether we have symptoms or not. He further told me that most of the cases they are seeing now are asymptomatic, people aren’t presenting with the obvious symptoms.

What concerns me is that some may think that because they don’t show symptoms and have been in contact with a COVID+ person, or even tested positive themselves, that they don’t need to self-isolate.

Understand that asymptomatic does not mean that it is okay to continue life as usual because you still spread the virus. Self-isolation is necessary. Our healthcare system and the economy cannot survive an ongoing healthcare crisis.

I know that it’s been a harrowing year for all and festive season is a time for celebration. However, let’s not risk our country and its people for the sake of massive gatherings.

My son and I initially decided that we need to self-isolate for 14 days since last contact with my mom, but now understand that it is 10 days. Our isolation ends on the 22nd December. However, depending on our general health and that of the rest of our family, we may continue to self-isolate until 26th December.

Thank you to everyone who has checked in on us and offered to get some things from the shop for me. You are appreciated!

Please take care and may gratitude lead the way.

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