Timely Wisdom

When my dad died there was no big “payout” of a policy or worldly assetts to be shared. No, he left us with something greater than this, he left us with a wealth of wisdom through the legacy of his life, and the many lives he touched.

My dad valued his time, how he spent his, and that the commitment of time comes with responsibility and consideration. It was very seldom that my dad would be late for an appointment, and always with very good reason.

2007 was a very very bad year for our family, but two things held my dad together that year. It was the birth of Kai, a gift of courage, and his ordainment as an elder in the church, a gift of faith. Strengthening him to carry the very heavy load of a family in unimaginable distress.

Finding myself in a similar position in 2020, seeing Kai wearing my dad’s watch. A watch that is 34 years old.  A watch that my dad wore every single day. Reminded me of how precious time is; how what we do with our time, and the people we choose to share our time with, impacts on our lives and the legacy that we leave behind.

My dad spent A LOT of time with Kai.  The extravagance of being PRESENT in his life in a way that required only the wealth of his time. This watch is a reminder of the value that time adds to our lives. and the wisdom that is needed in how we disburse our most important commodity of our lifetime. Our time.

I am very selective about what I spend my time on and who I spend it with. Time can only be “reclaimed” through the memories of the lives we live and the lives we impact on.

Choose wisely.

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