As we near the end of a troublesome year, 2020, I am filled with gratitude and joy for the life that I live, that we continue to live. A life of peace, happiness and love, a life that fills us with kindness and care, courage and strength, trust and faith.

Friendship, the gift that carried us through it all – accepting that it is okay to rely on others.

It’s been a year of learning to let go of people who do not value me and see my worth. Letting go of anything and anyone who brings toxicity into our lives and disrupts our peace.

A year where Kai and I expanded our own little family, by adopting an entire family as our own.  Opening up our home to another when they needed it most.  It’s been a year of great change – mom embracing her independence and finding her own little place, thanks to the love and care of her/our community in faith.

A year of survival in so many ways.

We made it through the uncertainty of whether we’d still have a roof over our heads, whether my son’d be able to return to school and much more. We made it thanks to the generosity of friends who helped us throughout our struggles, financially, as my sporadic income just wasn’t enough. Friends checking in on me, on us, making sure that we were okay.

As difficult as 2020 has been, it has made it easier to accept help, to love and to be present, to give with care and to be kind. 20Plenty, plenty to be grateful for.

I’ve grown in many ways and so has my son. We may not have the financial stability we had 18 months ago.  Our 2021 may be uncertain, but we do have the stability of character and unconditional love and care for those near and dear to us, and a kindness that knows no bounds.

We’ve lived through self-isolation, and the determination of the human spirit to survive. Mom’s recent covid and my sister-in-law’s recent accident. Together we made it.

I am ending 2020 with a thankful heart, a determined spirit and the courage and grace to take on whatever 2021 has to offer.

Thank you to everyone whose helped me make it to this very moment. You’ve been my light in what at times seemed like an abyss of despair. I appreciate you immensely.

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