I’m Maximising Public Holidays This Year

When it comes to the festive season and public holidays, my conversations with our JoziDiva always end with a search for cheap flights to Cape Town! A look at my calendar and working out when we can meet up and catch-up.

This holiday season I was, however, a terrible host! She arrived for our annual meet-up the Saturday before Christmas.  Energetic and ready to catch up – ciders in hand, while I was still running errands for work.  Checking messages and getting some last minutes things organised for the office. By 7pm I was absolutely knackered.

Two hours into our most anticipated JoziDiva’s visit, my son and I were both falling asleep on the couch while trying to hold a conversation.

Our JoziDiva, being the understanding friend that she is, ended up ordering a taxi before 8pm as she bid us a good night’s rest instead of the planned late-night chats about life, careers, adulting and finances while stuffing ourselves with pizza and wine. An epic fail, with no hard feelings. A missed opportunity as we would not see her for the rest of her stay in Cape Town.

It is with this experience in mind that I recognised how easy it is for things, that may seem important in the moment, to negatively impact on the quality time that I get to spend with those who truly matter. Guarding against that social hangover that robs others of their time with me.

Self-care, our word for 2018, also means that this year I approach the calendar with family wellness in mind. Finding ways to maximise our downtime and sync public holidays with school breaks, exams and leave.

Fortunately, Travelstart is on top of their game!

They’ve created this nifty infographic that shows you how you too can maximise your leave this year. April and May is a done deal for me. December and January – tempting!

And while we are seeing our JoziDiva real soon, I think it is the perfect time for us to start talking about her booking that cheap flight from Johannesburg to Cape Town. I promise to not fall asleep within a few minutes of her sitting down and opening that drink this time around!


*This post was done in collaboration with Travelstart*

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