Chantel Riley You Are Loved, Like 1, 2, 3 . . .

Some of you may have seen her comment on some of my post, my JoziDiva. What you may not know though is that we’ve been friends since the beginning of time . . . and through the years we’ve gained a deeper understanding of friendship  . . .

We chat almost every day – some nights we fall asleep mid-chat, and the next morning first thing “OMG, sorry I fell asleep and only now realise that we were still chatting!” Sometimes we send each other messages and it takes a day/two for one of us to respond, but this is okay – we understand that we each have a life. She is also one of the most hard working people I know!!

Together we’ve shed tears, laughed so hard that it felt like we’ve just had an hour long plank session at the gym and of course argued, and agreed to disagree!! She’s been there through ALL my parenting challenges, and she was the one who rubbed my back and held my hand when I gave birth to my son. She experienced birthing in all its magical beauty, and disgust! Yes, giving birth is not as pretty as the media makes it out to be, and I’m surprised that she didn’t faint!!

Chantel, my JoziDiva, I want you to know that you are very special and that you are loved. Never doubt your worth or your ability. Do not ever settle for less than what you deserve – happiness and love. Also never compromise your values and your integrity.

Thank you for sharing these journey’s with me and for holding my hand when the world was oblivious to my struggles and pain.

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