I Am Domestically Challenged

“Tonight we’re having burgers and chips!” I exclaimed to my son. I mean, it’s relatively easy to cook junk food. Right? Well imagine our frustration when we struggled to break the burger patties apart. The kitchen looked like the aftermath of a slaughtering of some kind!

You see our Domestic Goddess, my mom, has been on holiday for the past week. A day into her break she informed us that she is actually away for two weeks; not one!

Then it dropped! NO WAY we could go two weeks without me cooking any meals OR doing any washing. I now understood why she left the washing machine instructions . . .

To top it off, my son needed to have his school shorts ironed. Horror of all darn horrors! The iron kept getting stuck to the shorts, and today I need to iron his white school shirts WITHOUT leaving any black marks.

I do however have a trick up my sleeve. I’m going to put an old t-shirt on top of his school shirt and then iron it that way – I’ve seen this work many years ago. Ordinarily I’d not be bothered with things like this, but my dear child refuses to wear a school uniform that is not to his immaculate expectations. No creases, and clean! He even had the audacity to instruct me on Friday.

“Mom, my fleece top must be washed this weekend or maybe you can just take it to the dry-cleaners”

Well, I’ve done two loads of washing, BY HAND, because the mere thought of switching on the washing machine and figuring out how it works is just too much. It looks rather complicated. I even soaked and washed our bedding, it hung on the washing line dripping soapy water all over the paving.

Oh, by the way – do you HAVE to rinse washing before hanging it on the line?

I didn’t do this. Perhaps this is why it felt like I was sleeping in an empty washing powder box when I crawled under my freshly washed duvet. Of course we do have other bedding, but I couldn’t be bothered with searching the cupboards to find it. Washing the bedding is much easier than searching for clean bedding. Makes perfect sense to me.

Washing aside. It’s been 9 days and our main source of sustenance has been pizza 6 days out of the 9. Thank goodness for the 50% discount at the local pizza place. The plan is to live off hotdogs for the rest of the week until our Domestic Goddess returns.

About Me

* I don’t do domestics. I do structure. This includes a clean kitchen (when the Domestic Goddess is on holiday), clean floors (fear of ants!!!) and ensuring that everything is in its place – limiting frustrations of not knowing where to find what I need.