When I Write . . .

The minute my fingers touch the keyboard, my mind, like an ejaculation – releasing hundreds of millions of sperm cells – racing to fertilise and release meaning to the many words as it spills onto the page. An explosion of sensory reactions as my thoughts are experienced, no longer only in abstract, but now I have visual and auditory perception as I read and hear my thoughts. Enabling me to further connect with my mind; touch it, and find mindful peace.

When I write, it is like an orgasmic reaction, a release of emotions, thoughts, ideas, experiences, analysis and diversity of interactions through my fingers – typing with an intense speed and precision; freeing as much as I can in the short time that I have. I write to make sense of my world, and the world I live in.

Writing. My anchor. That which keeps me grounded in my humanity, and this awkward reality.

It truly is a magical experience to see how my thoughts craft itself, sometimes they present the anguish within my mind, other times they express a creativity that I often marvel at – surreal in its expression. Not enough people appreciate their minds, nor do they truly explore the depths of their thoughts – you’d be absolutely amazed at what may lay hidden beneath all the activity.

An example of what happens when I touch the keyboard, is this piece. I set out to write a blog about the sincerity of communication, and instead this is what I write. This, the strongest sperm cell that spilled out onto the page today!

The orgasmic reaction of the mind, sometimes it has no meaning, and at other times it is of such great introspective wealth that I am left in awe of the words staring back at me. 

Writing, unwrapping the gift of my mind . . .