Joy will Greet You

Today many came to celebrate your life – the magnitude of your awe was witnessed in the diversity of people who surrounded all of us. There were tears, laughter, reminiscing and music – a favourite of yours.

I’m sure you sat tapping away as you listened with your eyes closed, while the poignant melody flowed from the saxophone. I know you laughed as you listened to the story of your willfullness as a young soccer player – a promising one at that.

Dad, I know that your heart must have felt crushed as you saw your son, reach out to your coffin, tears rolling down his cheeks as he followed your body out of the church. I know that you reached out to him as I placed my arm around his shoulder, comforting him after he kissed your coffin – struggling to let go. The flood of memories, the knowledge that you were always there for him, even when you walked away in order to help him save himself.

It’s never easy to let go of that which you sometimes don’t quite understand. I am fortunate to have no regrets, to know that our time together was without fail, honest and open. There is a sadness that is filled with joy, and I know that you will understand what I mean by this.

Today, was a glorious day – and I am at peace with the knowledge that you lived a full life. Here is a short poem I wrote for all those who came to celebrate your life.

A celebration of a life well lived and loved.

Joy will Greet you in the Mourning

A caring gaze, no memory can fade
“God lig my op” – the words he spoke
At peace, he reached out his hand
“God lig my op” – and here we stand

Gratitude for the life he gave
The many lessons, continued future blessings
His teachings, so far reaching
Mesmerized by his silent awe

Allow his Joy to embrace you in your Mourning
This, his gentle kindness, comfort and strength

07 July 1960 – 28 May 2017