Request to Silence the Kids

“This noise has gone on for long enough now. Can the kids stop playing now?” Shouted the neighbour over the back wall.

“Actually, NO! They cannot stop playing now!” Said my brother as he balled his rage into  clenched fists as he stood on his toes, peering over the high wall.

“If that’s the case then I am calling Law Enforcement! It’s a Sunday afternoon and this is nonsense!” Called the blonde head angrily – the only view I had of the person on the other side of the wall.

Before my brother could punch a hole through the high wall, I pulled him back and looked for something to stand on so that I could face the person behind this voice. This voice that demanded we silenced the handful of kids playing in the backyard at about 4:30 on a Sunday afternoon.

“Excuse me. You need to practice some restraint, it is not as if we have kids playing here every day! You are welcome to call Law Enforcement – I can give you their number, good luck with having them respond to a noise complaint about kids playing outside on a Sunday afternoon!” – she turned her back on me and walked into her bedroom. Which unfortunately for her is a meter away from our back wall.

My brother was absolutely livid!

The anger was oozing out of him. How dare this woman overact in such a manner – especially considering that the kids right next door to her often make a huge racket, playing outside and splashing about, especially during summer! Here I have one child, who rarely have friend/s over, and suddenly it is the biggest inconvenience?

To say that I was pissed-off would be an understatement!

This sudden entitlement to an afternoon of silence even though the kids only arrived an hour prior to this altercation. The kids, fortunately, were oblivious to the demands of the “neighbour”. They continued to play for the next hour, having fun while being surrounded by disbelief and sadness, as family and friends started making their way back to their own homes.

I also found this entitlement to silence – this attitude of instructing others to stop their kids from playing outside – absofreakinglutely hillarious!

Now, a few weeks later, after things have settled down, I took a walk around the block on Father’s Day to identify the exact address of this “neighbour”, and left this note (with my details) attached, with the pamphlet handed out at my Dad’s funeral . . . I don’t know if she received it, but it sure made me feel better, my father’s day gift!