Positivity Is My Strongest Gift

How do people become positive in the way they live their life? I don’t know, but what I CAN tell you, is that negativity drains me!

Life has dealt me many blows. Many. But I learnt early on in life to find the silver lining, something positive to cling to. This was a decisive act on my part, something that I’ve had to work on until it became second nature. I also tend to steer away from people who focus on the problem instead of finding a solution.

The strength in your voice
My subconscious choice

The feel of your force
My decisive course

This message I do not ignore
Reminding myself to explore

A possibility knocking faintly at the door
Remember to reach into your core

Yours and mine, a different kind
An inner switch that gives hope a twitch

A gleam of optimism
Retrain the mind

Unlock the door
Solutions you will explore

Let go of the old negative soul
Breathe in the positive scene

A play with words, take it or leave it, make of it what you wish. But know this, negativity has never done anyone any good! Be kind to yourself, and find your silver lining, that glimmer of hope that fills you with optimism.

I am my own silver lining, I create my own happiness, where others may see only problems, I see opportunity!

#ThursdayTitleChallenge – Positivity is My Strongest Gift, chosen by my friend, Felicitas Schmittlein-Formanek whom I met for the first time when I travelled to Austria last year!

I must admit that this was a very quick post as I am half asleep and CANNOT miss today’s challenge even though it’s been a very busy one. Will share more with you in another post – my son got his new hearing aids today 🙂