Being Coloured

This morning The Deal Is tagged me in a post, “Coloured Mentality“.

It got me thinking . . .

To me, the term coloured is a bit confusing when looking at it in the context of “Is jy coloured – wat is ‘n coloured?”.

I mean, my parents never said to me, “Chevone, jy is ‘n coloured” – they just called me by my name. Even now, sitting here after watching this really interesting video, I realised that I’ve never even considered my son within a context of race – to me he is just Kai – a person.

If we use the term coloured to refer to a certain demographic, I must point out that this demographic is by far the MOST DIVERSE. There is a rich cultural history which is difficult to define. There is a flare for the dramatic and linguistic expressions entrenched in a community that, perhaps a few years ago, felt disassociated from this term because it was often used in a derogatory and oppressive manner. 

So what makes me a coloured?

The richness of the diversity that flows through my veins, the insight that fills my mind, the knowledge that we are ALL coloured, the perception of others?

Being coloured is a state of mind, it’s a way of being, it’s that insight of knowing that you can overcome anything, that you can be anything you want to be. Being coloured is a freedom of living outside the conventional norms of the limitations that society tends to wrap us in. Being coloured is living on the bright side of life no matter how dark and dull things may seem!

Being coloured is Me. Living with Intent.