My Parents Are My Rock

My mom can barely walk 100 meters without needing to stand still and rest her aching bones, yet I can depend on her 200%!

Some of you will know that we don’t have the greatest mother-daughter relationships, but she is amazing! This year with my son being in Gr. 3 and finishing school an hour later, she patiently waits at the school for an hour and a half since the bus she takes arrives at the school at 1pm! Then they take the bus back home together.

And she sees to all the domestics, like cooking and laundry. An area that I avoid at all costs!

Then my dad, the person I can rely on for advice on some tricky matters and life plans. Without my asking, and taking offense to some of the messages I received from the Keyboard Ninja, he took it upon himself to address the harassment face-to-face, re-iterating what I’d already said in an email, and making it very clear that we will not idly sit by while someone threatens our happy family.

I am only scraping the surface here, but the point I want to make is that my parents are the ABLE in my manageable life! They don’t always approve of everything that I do, but they always support me no matter what.

They’ve been there for me through some pretty shitty moments in my life and I am eternally grateful for their unconditional support and love they’ve show me through their actions.