Dear Keyboard Ninja

Dear Keyboard Ninja,

I don’t know who you are or where and how you fit into all of this. All I know is that your intentions in making contact was malicious from the start. I am grateful for being confident and trusting my intuition to not engage with you directly.

Maybe you are the 15 year old you pretended to be or maybe you are the adult female whom I’ve since become aware of, the mastermind behind the trolling and keyboard ninjitsu.

I want to thank you for acknowledging that I am the mother. I assume that this is what you meant when you referred to me as “a fat ugly bitch mother”.

I am grateful for you acknowledging that my son has special needs, of course your English is not that great and the only words you could think of was to refer to him as “retarded”. I understand that we do not all have the intelligence to use appropriate language and diplomacy.

Most importantly, I wish to thank you for acknowledging that my son has a father and that he was not just conceived from the dust of this earth. Of course this is what you meant to say when you referred to him as a “bastard child”.

My most passionate follower and possibly online stalker, I want to thank you for the interest you have shown in our lives. There could be no greater acknowledgement of the amazing mother that I am and the most awesome son that I have than to have a random stranger engage with me with such passion and thought.

I want you to know that I am smart, I am a mother who will gracefully accept that you must feel some level of insecurity because I walk this earth with my head held high and my integrity in check. I am able to provide for my son and care for him without ever negatively impacting his thoughts on his paternal family.

I understand that perhaps my independence as a single parent and woman is unnerving to you. Perhaps you find it difficult to understand how someone like me can survive and thrive without having a care in the world as to your existence on this earth?

Keyboard ninja, know that I accept that you have some issues, but do understand that I will not be intimidated by you or anyone else who threatens the well-being of my son. I do not fear the power of money. Trust me on this!

Also I want you to experience the benefits of me NEVER speaking badly of my son’s father, because I have nothing bad to say. This world is too small to get caught up in emotional drama and so I am releasing this letter to you in the hope that you will gracefully accept my decline to engage with you directly and understand that our value systems are worlds apart and the two shall never meet.


When you are a single parent you always have to be prepared for the ugliness that life sometimes presents us, but know that you are in control of the outcome through your actions. Should you ever experience what I’ve experienced recently, please refrain from getting drawn into responding to such messages directly. Save the messages, share the information with a trusted friend and make the other parent aware of the trolling that is happening and politely ask them to put a stop to it.