Love Hate Tag

I belong to a few online Blogger communities and most days I put some time aside to scroll through the discussions and click through to read some posts.

More recently, I read a post by Jonelle (she blogs over at Tyrany of Pink, The Forgotten Letters,  which delved into the love hate tag chain letter. I recall wondering to myself, “what are my 10 things?” and “how is it possible to have a hate list of 10 things?”

I always say to my son, “hate is such a strong word, we don’t use it in our family…”

After reading her post, which not only had me thinking about my own top 10s, but also had me analyse how we use words in our daily lives to depict the way we feel, describing the impact people, things and events have in our lives… and the importance of language.

It was only when I reached the end of her post, after many thoughtful pauses, that I realised that she tagged me.

Now if you know me really well, which honestly, very few do, then you will know, perhaps only through my lack of response, that I’m not a chain letter supporter. But these chain letters often provoke thought and self reflection.

(Bear with me, my monkey has just turned around and curled up against me, and wrapped his arm around! Let me soak it up for a few minutes, because it is a very rare event and it is 4am! Okay, that was a short lived moment, he turned away from me and is back on his side of the bed.)

I’m back!

Jonelle’s post got me thinking about all the small things, which may seem insignificant to others, that mean the world to me. So here is a list of 10 things I love in no particular order.

Moments like the one that just happened, where my son unexpectedly cuddled up to me in the middle of the night. I love the feather light weight of his arm wrapped around my face, waist, neck, etc.

Hearing the sound of the ocean! A few weeks ago, while walking back home from school, I could hear the ocean’s roar. It was a beautiful morning, my day off. This sound had me rushing to get to the beach at 8am to soak up the magnificent wonder while watching the seagulls take flight.

Feeling the sand between my toes when I step onto the beach.

The stoked feeling I get when the icy water gushes down my wetsuit as I ungracefully try to catch a wave!

My son’s excitement and appreciation when I surprise him with a new car, bought for a mere R15! “Thank you mommy, thank you! I can’t believe it!”

Crazy in the moment, moments. I’ve recently posted some videos of our wicked mom-son moments. They are the best!

Days where I am so drawn into a book, that I sit and read for hours! I’ve had experiences where I’ve read a book and months later, I can’t recall if what I remember of said book, is a movie, a dream or an actual book that I’ve read!? I know, it’s confusing.

Great friends! Friends who understand me…

My parents unwavering support, raising me in a family with strong morals and values. 

Epic sunrises, marshmallow clouds and rain. I love the feeling of raindrops, especially when I’m in the water! I went for my first surf in the pouring rain, it was beautiful!

I can go on and on, but just realised that I’ve reached 10, so won’t continue. These are but a few things that I love immensely! Thanks for the tag Jonelle.

Feel free to share your loves in the comments section.