The double line stared at me as I held my breath, listening to my quickened heartbeat as I gently touched my tummy. Deep within me something changed.

A life had formed, a love so dear, precious and intimate, our divine journey came into bloom, as I birthed you in the maternity room.

Remembering, like yesterday, your tiny wrinkled feet and hands, translucent skin below your big left toe, while I watched from my hospital bed.

I heard your sweet cry before I saw your face. Then she placed you in my arms and I embraced you with so much love and grace.

Your warmth seeped into me as I held, ever so gently, 2.8 kilos, the weight of my heart. My eyes, a misty haze, have I just birthed you, by God’s loving grace?

In that moment I knew, staring at you with awe; I was hooked as I opened this mystical book.

Loveliest son, in that first moment, I held you in my embrace, I looked at you with no expectation. All I felt was an infinite and innate love, and with the softest touch I caressed your hand.

My lifelong Fairytale, a mother’s story in all its infinite glory…


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