I’ve Been Compromised!

I have been compromised! Yes! The minute the thought of canceling speech therapy in order to get to work much earlier creeped into my thoughts, was the moment I realised that my work-life balance has been compromised. COMPROMISED!

I beat that thought down like a firefighter on the fire line! I stomped on it as if it was a disgusting cockroach trying to infiltrate my home! I wiped it out like a big wave surfer caught in the grips of a 30 foot wave!

Then this morning I woke up at 5am, did some work for a hour and marveled at my son cleaning our windows at 6am!!

A hour later and we were 10 minutes late for our 7am speech therapy session, oops! We were having way too much fun getting ready for our day while rocking to The Beatrix Girls!!

Here’s one of the videos my 7 year old videographer made this morning. Crazy moments like these keep me grounded and pulls me closer to the life I wish to lead. Living in moments of awesomeness!

Now go out there and be in the moment, feel the rhythm of life, listen to the beats around you AND get your groove on! Don’t allow work to compromise your lifestyle and your balance.