Ransom Letter

It was a cold and gusty day, but Log had to go for his daily walk. Come rain or shine, his beach walk and seaweed tug of war is compulsory!

At the beach the chill bit threw my toes when I took my purple takkies off, leaving next to the dunes. “Stop pulling Log! Heel boy, heel!” but he kept pulling on his leash! The excitement of being outdoors was just too much for him. Like a leopard chasing his prey, he sprinted off onto the beach to chase some seagulls the minute I clipped his leash of his collar.

He rolled in the sand, dived for seaweed through some waves and ran high up on the dunes. I’m sure his joyful bark could be heard in Kalk Bay! “Log! Here boy!” I called out, the wind carrying my voice onto the dunes. He came charging down the dunes, knocked me off my feet and covered my face in his dog-slob! Covered in slob and sand, I ran into the water, always the funniest part of our walk, with me knee deep in the water playing catch and fetch  with his pink ball!

This was our special one-on-one time. Later, out of breath and soaking wet, I sat down on the sand and watched him play with some other dogs.

My joy was soon replaced with annoyance as two dog walkers failed to scoop their dogs poop! No wonder the City wants to implement stricter by-laws! I went up to the dog owners to point out their dog’s poop. Their excuse, “so sorry, I forgot my plastic bag at home” and on they walked! The audacity of some people! Aaarrrggghhhhh!!

Annoyed, I picked my takkies up, “Log, here boy, let’s go!” Nothing? “Looooooog! Come boy, here boy, Loooooog!” Nothing!

I scanned the beach, no sign of Log. I climbed to the top of the dunes, “Log?! Log, come boy! Log, here boy!” Nothing!

My heart started racing, my palms started sweating, the sun was setting and my dear baby was nowhere to be found! I walked the beach for two hours searching for Log. Some kind beachgoers helped me in my search, but no luck!

I checked the Main road and the wetlands. No sign of Log! I checked the park, Jagers Walk and Beach Road. Nothing! Worried; tears streaming down my face,  I shared the photo of Log I took 3 hours ago. “Please share, Log went missing on Fish Hoek beach today at 5:30pm! Contact me asap if you see him” Hoping that my less than 100 Facebook friends and Twitter followers would understand my anguish. The night was cold and a storm was about to break…

Do I report him missing at SAPS? Do I call the SPCA? It’s dark, Log’s been missing for 4 hours, the last time he ate was midday, 1 scoop of dry Hills. Will he survive? Where did he go? Surely no one would want to take my pavement special?? I should have kept him on his leash!!! How could I be so silly!!! All these thoughts racing through my mind.

Finally I decided to call it a day, arriving at my car, tears streaming down my cheeks. Sitting behind the wheel, my mind a million miles away, as I switched the wipers on. The storm clouds have opened up, in tune with my mood! Wiping the tears from my face, getting ready to reverse, I noticed a piece of paper stuck to the wiper… getting out of my car, the writing on the page kept me from binning it…my heart contracted and all time stood still…

“Hey ChevsLife! 

I’ve been reading your blog for some time now. I’ve been watching your every move. How easy it was for me to get Log, too easy in fact! If you want your precious dog back then you follow these instructions to the letter!

Go home, write a blog with the title ‘dog snatcher’ and share what happened here today. I want you to EMPHASISE how many people DO scoop up their dog’s poop! I want you to EMPHASISE that THIS BEACH NEES TO REMAIN OPEN FOR DOG WALKERS WITH NO TIME RESTRICTIONS. NO TIME RESTRICTIONS!!! NONE!!!NADA!!!

Then you publish the post and share it on your Facebook Page, the Fish Hoek Beach Page, the South Peninsula Moms Page, the City of Cape Town and your Twitter account. 

By 10:00 on Monday, 15 June, I want  to see that your ‘DOG SNATCHER’ 1000 Facebook shares, 1000 LinkedIn shares, 2000 Twitter shares, 500 email shares and 100 reblogs. On your ChevsLife Facebook page I want to see 5000 likes and 15000 shares for the post!!! I will be watching your social media feeds like a hawk!!

This is no joke, no joke I tell you! If you don’t meet with these ransom demands, then your dearest Log will be but a pile of poop for you to scoop up on Fish Hoek beach!! How’s that for making a statement on the PROPOSED BY-LAWS!!

Your Follower


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