Child Protection Week | You Matter

Child Protection Week…breaks my heart… We shouldn’t need to have a week dedicated to creating awareness and remind people of CHILDEN’S RIGHTS?! Surely this should come naturally?

The Rights of A Child:

Today, I am reminded of that little boy, the one who used to roam the streets. A congenital deformity, limping down the streets. He was teased and bullied.

Today, I am reminded of the young girl, with the sparkle in her eyes and radiant smile, while unable to use her hands due to third degree burns inflicted by an uncle…

Today, I think about all the young girls and boys who were sexually molested and violated, walking around with guilt and shame.

Today, I think about the many children roaming the streets, hungry and neglected.

Today, I am grateful for all the wonderful people whom I’ve had the honour to work with, each one of them have played a hand in ensuring justice and care for these young children I think about today.

I’ve been touched by many hugs, smiles and love that children exude, even in their pain! They are so resilient and so deserving of the life that each child is entitled to. A life where they are loved, cared for and their needs met.

In my heart, burning bright, is an eternal flame for each child. A flame of hope, comfort and love.

Don’t allow society to extinguish your flame. Little one, if you are in pain, if you have been harmed today or any other day, I am so truly sorry, my soul cries out to you. Know that somewhere in this world, you are loved. Know that you matter! Always!