Monkey Bars Milestone

Absolutely petrified! “ I can’t do the monkey bars mommy! You need to hold 10985041_1109237382435273_7121047687441562158_nme. No mommy! I can’t do it! This my son, holding on to the monkey bars, too terrified to step down and swing across to the next bar.

I could see that he really wanted to do it, but the fear of not having his feet firmly on the ledge  and the anxiety of not being able to hold on to the bars, froze him. He’d move his hands across to the second bar, and then pull back.

Then we practiced how to hang, let go and land on his feet. This took a lot of coaxing and cheering. Practice, practice, practice! He BELIEVED, I BELIEVED, I CHEERED LOTS, and then, HE DID IT! For the first time ever, he stepped off the ledge, hung on to the first two bars and swung across to the next, and then the next…and the next, completing the monkey bars from beginning to end, all seven bars!! Then, he did it AGAIN and AGAIN x4!

He was so amazed at himself for achieving this milestone. Happiness and excitement poured out of his small body. Impressed and Proud! “I did it mom, I did it! Wow I never knew that I would be able to do the monkey bars!”

Then two days later, after OT, we went to the beach again. First we did homework, and then the monkey bars. Finally my little monkey can swing!!

Check out the video I captured on my fone.