The Sleepover

As Friday neared I became more petrified! One of my son’s best friends were coming for a sleepover and my parentals were away for the weekend.

The thing that petrified me, was that, for the first time ever, I would have to look after TWO kids, two 7 year olds, ALONE, OVERNIGHT!!

I didn’t know how my son was going to react later in the night, even though he was extremely excited!

I also had no clue as to what to expect. What if his friend wanted to go home during the night, how do I keep them occupied, what will we eat, do they need to bath, must I make sure they brush their teeth, etc!

Sometimes kids scare me. You never know what to expect!

It soon dawned on me, after a few hours, that everything would be “okay”. I made hotdogs, we had cool drink, built a tent in the lounge and the boys had LOTS to talk about.

I left the boys to sort themselves out, had a bath and then said to them “Okay, I trust you boys, I’m going to watch tv, I may even fall asleep. All I ask is that you don’t open the door for anyone and don’t play in the kitchen or bathroom”

That was it. I watched some tv. They watched movies, played games, ran around, made music and basically just did the things kids do! After a while they crawled into bed with me, then came up with a bright idea and went back to the lounge.

Later we played musical beds. By now I was really very tired, and actually just wanted them to go to bed (it was almost 9pm!). “No no no, we staying up until midnight!”

I crawled into bed after trying to convince them to go sleep, switched off the light and listened to them play and talk. Later I heard my son’s friend read. By far the most precious thing ever! Picture this. Two 7 year olds cuddled on a camping mattress in their tent (a sheet over two couches), one holding a mobile torch light, while the other holds his book and confidently reads “The Secret Sevens” – he even had me drifting off to sleep!!

I think I MUST have fallen asleep because later I heard them talk about looming. Upon investigation I found them in the bedroom, after 11pm, looming away while chatting about who knows what!

I felt my way back to bed and woke up with both boys fast asleep next to me this morning at 5am!

I survived the sleepover!!! Most importantly Kai’s friend enjoyed the sleepover and wasn’t at all phased by Kai’s “wobbly” moments of controlling outbursts, over sensitivity, directness and tears! Both kids and I are still in one piece and we all still talking to each other!

I thanked the boys for not flooding the place or burning it to the ground. We survived!