Looming Sale

They were up until past midnight, making loom bands. Finally this morning, with signs in hand, they asked me if they can set up shop outside!

Must admit, I wasn’t too keen, but thought, what the heck, kids got entrepreneurial spirit, let’s see what happens!

We stuck the signs up, Kai’s “LoomIMG-20150214-00765 ban for Salll” and Alexander’s “Loom Bands for Sale” both with arrows towards their merchandise.

Then, blasting from their small mouths and big lungs; “LOOM BANDS FOR SALE” and a few minutes later, “BUY ONE GET ONE FREE” and finally, becoming a bit discouraged, sitting down, “LOOM BANDS FOR SALE BUY ONE GET ONE FREE. IT’S WORTH IT”

After 30 minutes they decided to pack up shop, their final call, “THIS IS YOUR LAST CHANCE TO BUY LOOM BANDS, WE GOING IN NOW AND WON’T BE SELLING AGAIN!”

The gate closed behind them, expecting them to feel a bit disappointed, I heard them say “yeah, now we get to keep it all to ourselves!”

The boys really tried. Kai was expectedly more sensitive to the fact that no one bought any looms, even a bit angry at the people. An old man said to them “why are you shouting”. They thought he was making fun of them. I explained to them that perhaps he didn’t hear them properly and we all agreed that some old people are just grumpy and don’t like loud noise.

They were quite chuffed to hear that everyone I saw looking at them, looked at them with admiration and interest, these two young boys, selling their own handmade jewellery, what a great example! They can be very proud of their initiative even if they didn’t sell anything.

We did a bit of an analysis of why their loom bands didn’t sell. They concluded that their market is kids, so while their product was good, their positioning (outside our flat) wasn’t ideal. I explained that we unfortunately could only stand at the flat, since we didn’t have a vendors licence to sell at the beach where there would be lots of kids to sell to.

I think their little venture was a success, not financially, but definitely in looking at all the aspects when deciding to sell a product. So proud of these boys!