Kids Interviews: Featuring Alexander

How old are you? 7 and a quarter.10423631_1071084819583863_3363672251782689096_n

How old do you wish you were right now and why? 19, because it’s an age where you can do lots of sport and things you can’t do when you small.

Do you go to school? Yes.

What do you like about school most? Nothing. I know. Math!

What is your favourite day of the week and why? Friday, because it’s the day where you end school.

If you were a superhero, which one would you be and why? Captain America, he is very strong and can fight bad people.

Do your pick your nose? Yes!

If you do, do you eat your boogers and why? No, but my friend do.

Do you laugh when you fart and why? No (then farts and laughs out loud!!!).

How often do you brush your teeth?  Twice a day.

Do you have a wobbly tooth right now? No.

What should the tooth fairy bring you when your tooth falls out? R20.

What is your favourite word? Poo.

What annoys you? Stinky smells.

What makes you laugh so hard that you feel your guts will come out?  [Laughs, then explains what guts are (like a caterpillar guts- green guts)] The first person to fart in the class for the year.

Do you pull funny faces of yourself in the mirror? Yes.

If your mom was a superhero which one do you think she would be and why? Superdiaperbaby, because she carries babies and she has to carry diapers with her!

If you look at your toenails right now, Are they short and clean and why/why not? Yes, short and clean.

Do you eat garden snails and how do they taste?  Yes, delicious!

What’s your favourite colour? Uuuuhmmmm, blue, black and red.

What do you think of tattoos? Aarrggghhh, halfy halfy, komsi komsa.

What is your favourite song? Just give something by Pink – I think that’s what it’s called.

Can you give me a sentence with pooper in? “I love song pooper”

What did you think of these questions? Great!