Mid-Week Meltdown

We’ve had a relatively good week. That’s if I ignore the mid-week meltdown last night where he literally pushed my double bed mattress off the base with me still on it!

Luckily the bedside table and chest of drawer ensured that most of the top half of the bed was still on the base! All this because I told him that he’s not allowed television. It was time for me to read Charlie and the Chocolate Factory to him. “No, I want to listen to the tv to fall asleep” So not, because I know it’s watching AND listening! I switched the tv off and he grabbed the book from me and threw it too the ground and just flipped out on me!

Then I switched on the audio of Goldilocks, and said “if you need to listen to something to fall asleep then listen to Goldilocks”  He was adamant that he was not having any of it!

He kept switching the tv on, aggressively shouted at me, until I finally said “that’s it, I’m going to bed and the tv stays off!” This at 8pm!

He got the message, and well, this is when he started pushing the mattress.

After pushing most of the mattress off the base, he then grabbed the camping mattress and squeezed it in next the bed, all this while still trying to push the mattress off (with great difficulty I might add!). I couldn’t help but look at this and think “great, he’s get that proprioceptive input that he needs right now!”

I ignored it all, closed my eyes and said goodnight. The bedroom looked like a war zone!

After a while he crawled into the small gap between my mattress, the chest of drawer and the camping mattress. A few minutes later I heard him sob quietly, sadness in his voice.

I called him to my side, hugged him and told him I love him. He stayed with me for a minute or two, went back to the tiny corner space, sobbed some more…I called him back again after he calmed himself down.

He crawled under the covers with me and I held him tightly, asked if he was feeling better, wiped the tears from his face and this is how we fell asleep.

Tucked in tightly, on a sloping mattress!!

I woke up at 4:30am, pushed the mattress on the base, packed the camping mattress away, moved the OT ball, moved the shoes behind the door, packed the clothes away and when he woke up at 6am he said “wow, mom, you worked hard hey!”

Parenting, never ever a dull moment…