Homework, Sh!

This has been our first full school week.

Homework focused on “sh” words, sight IMG-20150205-00690words and reading, lots of reading! Also lots of writing!

He copied “sh” words from his book and even brought reading books home with sh words “mash, she”. He chose “My tooth is about to fall out” and he actually has a wobbly tooth!
Other books chosen were “Sleepover”, and he has one planned for next week! “Goldilocks and the three bearch”, which we also have on audio. And today, “duck in the box”.  He read each book.

This evening was a great homework evening! I waIMG-20150205-00694nted to give him a smiley sticker for reading “duck in a box” so well, but then he asked for a trophy sticker. “Of course you can have a trophy sticker, but then you need to read your book again for me. You are reading so well!”

He happily read the book again and stuck  his trophy sticker in his book. Then he asked for another sticker!

“Of course you can have another sticker after we finish with this” and I held up his speech and language book. We’ve been graduaIMG-20150205-00689lly working our way through descriptive words and listing at least 3 things that fits the words in the book.

I loved how when we got to descriptive words lovely and awesome, “MOM” was listed as things that fits this description 😀

Second trophy sticker well deserved andIMG-20150205-00691 parading it proudly on his t-shirt.

Tomorrow they writing a test on all their sight words and “sh” words for the week and is feeling confident!