Community Patrol

I recently attended a safety and security patrol/walk about in my community, an initiative from our local Improvement District.

The community support was very disappointing, so few members of the public (3 I think with me included). Others supporting the walk were stakeholders such as neighbourhood watch, local security company, CID Manager and Directors.

The support of 4 uniformed Military Polipatrolce Officers really “increased” the visibility of the group!

The route focused on the CBD area (2 streets basically). We came across an illegal car guard who swiftly moved along after local security went to speak to him.

The taxi rank area was absolutely filthy, litter everywhere and the stench of urine was nauseating!

In the Main Road things were much better, less litter and no disgusting smells.

The public transport interchange area, where there is an absolute disregard for by-laws, basic sanitation (even though there are public toilets), is most definitely the biggest challenge in the area!

It was an interesting walk, and I’ll probably support the next one. It is always a good opportunity to get to know the role players in the community and a great way to show support for all the good work that people are doing.

Our community is one of the safest areas and we are fortunate to be surrounded by people who offer their time voluntarily, contributing to safe walks, pleasant bike rides and a peaceful nights rest!