Breakfast in Bed

After having a lovely cuddle in bed (we’re having a very good morning today!) I whispered to Kai… “Are you going to make me a lovely breakfast in bed”

“Yes, I can make you a delicious breakfast, but then you must make me porridge” he exclaims while jumping off the bed.

First he brought me my juice. A mixture of tab and sprite, heavily stirred with a teaspoon! Something to sip on while I wait.

After a while he came back into the room with a slice of cheese. “Oh mom, this is my favorite cheese, I was going to make you something with it” he says while sitting on the bed, eating said cheese!

Then he goes back to the kitchen. In a flash I have my “delicious” breakfast served to me on a green plastic plate. A bran muffin and a plum!

I really treasure moments like these. Mom-son moments, filled with happiness and love.

A very good morning indeed #love