Our Family

These holidays I’ve thought about family. A lot! Both my parents come from big families; broken families, with no real close relationships.

I look at our family, my son’s family. My mom, my dad, my brother and his wife, and dearest Faith, my niece, and then me. That’s it!

There is no big family pool for hand-me-down clothes, no big family get-togethers, no going on holiday to visit family and no big resource pool for when you need help and support. I am the sole provider for my child and over the years I’ve also become the “go to person” in our small family.

My son’s father is not in the picture, at all. In some families, financial wealth truly is the root of all evil. Believe me, I’ve experienced this first hand and it’s not a pretty sight! Sometimes too much money can make people lose their integrity, values and humanity…

This made me realize that I don’t have A “go to person”!  What I HAVE, is an exceptional team of professionals who work with my son and supports me in my parenting. An amazing group of friends. A job that allows me flexibility when I need it. And my mom, always there to stand in at school and therapies and my dad, one of my son’s best friends!

My son’s small family is NOT so small after all! I don’t have a “go to person”, I have a BIG group of “go to people”. Lucky me, lucky us!!

Our family extends far beyond our DNA!