Our Bike Search

“Analysing” the specifications of bicycles! Me, mommy that is!

I’m reading up about the difference between aluminium, titanium and carbon fiber materials. I’m reading up on bicycle manufacturers’ history (lol as if I want to invest a few millions!!) and whether they’ve entered a team for the Cape Town Cycle Tour.

I look at every detail, even though most of it is foreign to me!

All I know, is that my son needs a new bike. It’s going to cost quite a bit of money. He’s going to ride his bike hard and fast! Flip, this is the child that wants to own a bicycle shop when he grows up! A shop where he will modify bicycles to his clients specifications. This while also riding professionally 🙂

Right now it is a split between the Giant XTC Jr (still not available) and the Titan Hades.

I need to get my act together, I need to get paid and transfer that final bit of savings towards his bike fund! He is after all registered for the 10km Junior Tour.

I also really need to get a bike and helmet for myself! Going for a bike-ride will be way more fun with mom riding instead of walking!!

His bike; my sanity