Hazardous Grumpy Elderly Shoppers

Recently my son and his friend, after not having have seen each other for a few months, excitedly walked towards the sweets isle in a very busy Pick n Pay, ready to find the best item to buy with their R20s.

My son excitedly exclaimed to his friend, in his high pitched voice, “no, I’m getting chocolate…oh, no look at this, fireballs! Wait a minute, wait a minute, I’m getting both!” You can imagine, lots of giggles, lots of changing their minds about the best thing to buy with their R20…

But then comes the shocker, an elderly couple (probably in their late 70s),starts complaining about the children making so much noise, how they can’t stand it when parents don’t control their kids, blah, blah, blah…

Now I have a lot of patience, and I am usually the first person to tell my son when he is being too loud, but really now man, they were in the sweet isle for like 5 minutes, excitedly trying to choose something nice to buy, NOT running around the store screaming and shouting like some bratty 6 year olds!

The elderly lady continued to moan, and giving the kids “the look”…finally I just walked up to them and politely told them that the kids are just excited and they not making a noise. Won’t this lady have the audacity to tell her husband that she don’t know why people bring kids to shops, they just don’t know how to behave, etc. etc. OMG I promise you, I struggled to keep my cool but managed to say “well they are kids, that’s what they do, they make a noise, they get excited!”

Thankfully the children were oblivious to this little episode with the elderly couple, they were just too caught up in deciding whether they should buy chocolates or fireballs or both!

I have a lot of empathy for elderly people and honestly don’t know why an elderly couple would do their shopping on a Saturday morning, especially if they are so grumpy and have a complete dislike to children!

Well tannie and oom, I have news for you, the Fish Hoek valley is filled with noisy kids so next time why not call Pick n Pay and ask them to clear the Arcade of all children for your sensory benefit! Yeah right!