Yellow Assault on My Eyes

This morning I woke up to the moans, groans, screams and tantrum of my seven year old wanting his porridge. NOW!

Running out of porridge in our house is a horrific ordeal when you have a willful child that is set in his morning routine of porridge…this on a Sunday morning of all days!

So off I go to Pick n Pay to buy some cereal, forgetting that my clock is 10 minutes ahead…and well, now I am the first person at the shop ready to dash down the isle to grab some cereal AND milk!

Finally after a 10 minute wait for the store to open I walk inside, dodge security guards and check-out staff all milling around the entrance. I squeeze pass the row of trolleys and my sleepy eyes are assaulted by BRIGHT YELLOW “BRAND MATCH” tags on almost every item in the spice isle! I squint and look at the spices trying to figure out what the hell these bright yellow tags are about.

I look at the spices, I look at the tag, I look at the spices, I look at the tag. NOTHING, I just can’t seem to figure it out. Perhaps I can’t figure it out because I don’t cook?

I walk to the next isle and flip, another assault on my eyes! These bright yellow tags are everywhere, I felt like I landed in the yellow zone, hoping for some amazing discount on jungle oats. Nothing, Nada…

I grab my jungle oats and head for the check-out, I get a pamphlet and rush home to cook the jungle oats and feed my son.

Well people, my son is still moaning because I didn’t get yummy porridge, he is moaning because the porridge still need to cook (all of 5 minutes man!). He’s moaning because the porridge is hot … and he is still moaning because SABC 3 replaced Phineas and Ferb with some silly program! He even had a screaming match with the TV presenters about this change in line-up!

And in between his moans, me cooking oats and typing on my phone in the kitchen I read the brand match pamphlet. Basically, you get a “cash-back” coupon is your total cost of items would have been cheaper at another supermarket. Well I guess my items were more expensive at PnP today since I didn’t get a “cash-off” coupon. Definitely not worth the BRIGHT YELLOW ASSAULT on my early morning sleeping eyes…

PS – he is fed, calmed down and quietly watching a program on tv; thank goodness for jungle oats with a dash of yummy brown sugar and a few drops of milk 🙂