COVID-19 Lockdown

The COVID-19 pandemic, honestly, I don’t even know when or how we got here? But here we are, locked down in South Africa, fighting the global pandemic at grassroots level even though we are yet to fully comprehend the impact thereof.  This, while some continue to disobey the law.  The call to STAY (the fuck) AT HOME and practice SOCIAL DISTANCING!

This Corona Virus has me freaking out, internally, on so many levels – my family’s health and finanicial stability, the ignorance of others’ and the fact that I am worried about everyone else worrying about the same, for their families and friends, the world at large!

At the same time I can’t help but look at history and the possibility of our Planet Earth taking up arms and fighting for HER survival.  Bringing about a population change that she can manage, and an appreciation for life, all forms thereof, through a threat that hits right home – COVID-19!

I am so grateful for my health and being able to provide for us during the next 21 days of lockdown. What happens thereafter is uncertain, for me, and many others. I will however remain steadfast and allow gratitude, kindness, love and faith to lead me on this journey – wherever it may take me.

Today, at 11:27am I’m still in bed. I’ve had two cups of coffee and a cup of tea, I’ve fed my kid and had a few laughs with friends. Will I have a bath and get dressed for the day? I doubt that, but I will have a relaxing bath this evening and reflect on the strange time that we are all living in and appreciate all that I am, all that I have – especially my treasure trove of family and friends whom I carry with me in heart, always.

Today, and every other day, take care and be kind. THANK YOU to all those in essential services, globally, serving their country, humanity at large – sacrificing their health and their families at this time. Be safe!

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