Nailed to the Cross

On the eve of Good Friday the South African President announced that lockdown is extended until 30 April (2020?). This extended lockdown have me feeling like I’ve  been nailed to the cross for the greater good of all . . . Yet I don’t feel so good about it!
Instead I’m left with a stark reality. Lockdown’s got me hanging by my warrior balls on a tight rope cutting through my skin – strangling the sperm that gives life to my family, my household. No freedom to hustle and pay my bills. Unable to access any form of government support, like many others who aren’t employed or own businesses who meet the necessary criteria. 
We all suffer, even though not in equal measures.
I am staying home though. I am grateful for my health, the roof over my head, the food in my kitchen and my son’s continued learning. We will make it through April, but May is uncertain and I live in hope that the faith that carries me through each day will continue to give me hope for tomorrow and every other day.
Be kind. Take care.
COVID-19, I live to write another blog, to kiss my son good night and to share a meal with those nearest and dearest to me while connecting with many others thanks to the WiFi that I could afford the month before.
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