The Vessel

They opened the canister, empty. Immediate pandemonium erupted as the dogs started searching the property. Howling in excitement as they caught the oh too familiar scent of the magic powder.

“Martin, best you bend over first”

It was in the early morning hours, they were alerted a few weeks ago that a big shipment was being delivered at 59 Hellinger Avenue, an “unknown” den of chaos. It’s been three weeks since the authorities started staking out the place, but everything seemed right as rain. Not the slightest hint of suspicious activity. The kids went to school, mom went to work, dad continued to run the general practice with the utmost professional care.

“Julie, you are such a paranoid bitch! Surely you should know that I’m used to doing this by now. Did I not just complete a successful trip to Brazil?”

“Ah, honey, no need to be so sarcastic! You know I’m just a bit concerned. The last thing I want is for you to be caught carrying the goods.”

Luckily, the “Nightwatchman”, as he is known, was very good at keeping his ear to the ground, and within minutes of hearing about the raid, he could alert Martin and Julie. They hastily retreated and disposed of the goods as best they could within the limited time that they had.

“Buck, go find it my soldier!” called the blaring voice of Detective Ross as he instructed his team on the ground. He knew that his informant’s information was good, but now it was just a matter of beating the clock. The Schoozner’s were smart, very smart. Word has it that they’ve been operating for almost three years, without raising any suspicious behavior until one of his teen patients went into cardiac arrest a day after what was meant to be a general check-up.

“Fuck! No! He’s got me Julie, get out! Get out!” screamed Martin in absolute agony as Buck had him by the crotch. He completely misjudged the dog’s senses, and it seems that his time was up!

The following morning, Julie found herself handcuffed, staring into a grey wall, while glancing at the morning paper.

The Vessel Behind Bars – Dr. Schoozner, a respected GP was arrested at 04:35 last night, the final link in the drug smuggling chain.


Remember my #ThursdayTitleChallenge? Well, life has been so intense lately that I’ve not been very consistent. Having said that, this weekend has been a weekend of writing and today’s Title Challenges is brought to you by Celeste Jonkers, who blogs over at No Woman.