Trying To Get A Dog | Kai’s Blog

Trying  to get a dog is hard. Especially If you’re not allowed  to have a dog, but your upstairs  neighbour has two dogs!

I have been looking  at dogs on TEARS website.  The dog must:

  • Be well look after
  • Be good
  • Be able to go for a walk every day or second day
  • Be able to eat the dog food in the cans

I would like to have a dog because  I have only had a dog once when I was small and she slept in the bed.  I love dogs and never had a cat in my life.

It does not have to be brownblack it can be any type of dog.

Please adopt dogs from TEARS if you can. Also if you can please donate food for dogs at TEARS. If you don’t have petrol money then please comment and maybe I can ask my Mom to help or you can even make a donation to TEARS.

One day I will get a dog from TEARS … so long … until the next time I blog again.


About Me: I’m Kai and I’m 9 years old. I typed this myself. All the red is my mom’s corrections, but this is my story word for word:)

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