Getting TWO Kids Ready for School

I’ve got it waxed! Both kids asleep before 7pm last night. Clothes set out, enjoying some soulful tunes with a mug of coffee in hand while watching the kids sleep. I felt awesome, until reality set-in…The kids had a very busy weekend, of course they will be asleep before 7pm!!

Gosh, fast forward to this morning when my alarm went off at 05:45; what an adjustment. I mean, some days we only get out of bed at 7am!!

Getting two kids ready for school, is not as easy as it played out in my mind last night. No, I forgot the part of “mentally” preparing another person for an early morning of routine, and the bickering and not listening. My saving grace? A note from my dad, “I will give you a lift to school this morning”.

“Kai, we need calm, please change that CD to something more relaxing!” – yes music at full blast!
“Faith, no stickeez in the morning, please pack it away”
“Kids, go brush your face and wash your teeth! I mean go wash your face and brush your teeth”
“Faith, go pee” – for the umpteenth time!
“Kai, stop riding Faith’s bike!”
“Kai, no ride my bike! Von, Kai no get off my bike”

Flippendrippen! All in all we had a good start to our day! Both children were very enthusiastic for Faith’s first day at pre-school.

The first thing Faith did when we got to school, was put her bag down and run towards the playground. I had to explain to her that she must first go inside and put her bag away, etc. She got a BIG hug from her teacher; lots of love going around!

We said our goodbyes, “she you later”, and she started to cry. Not for us, but to go play outside!

I’m sure she will have an absolute blast at school, she will make friends with everyone and look forward to going to school every day!


Proud “big brother” eager to show Faith her new school.