That One Time


I almost had a heart attack as I watched her, run towards the door, as it slowly started to close…

“Yoh, Yoh, Yoh!!! No mamma!!!”. “Jirre nee!”

Time stood still, as she placed her right foot on the edge of the doorway. OMG! Her baby on her back! A narrow gap, doors sliding, a train moving, people shouting…everything moved in slow motion…Then two hands reached out and pulled her onto the moving train.

Her baby’s blanket, caught in the door, as it shut. Mere inches between a sickening reality of how easily her baby could have been a squishy mush on a dirty railway line!

“Yoh! Die vrou is mos bevok! Mamma het jy a death wish vir jou en jou kind? Yoh, haibo!!!”

Slowly, remembering to breath, I watched as she loosened the knot of the blanket below her breast. Sliding her child from her back, onto her lap. Relieved that she made the train, a plus carriage, fortunately not filled to the brim with human sardines! She seemed oblivious to the risk she just took.

Oh, my gosh, the horrors, if not for those two hands that caught her as she embarked the moving train!!

“Vok, die vrou is mos stupid! Net gister is iemand geflatline van hardloop vir die trein! Jirre en nogal met n kind op haar rug!”

The next thing, ticket checks, she’s hauled off at the next station, she jumped a Plus Carriage, with no ticket!

That one time, she risked her life and that of her child’s, only to be escorted off the train at the next stop! A R40 fine, a hour delay!

I must ask, is this the sum value of your life and that of your child’s? R40!


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